Welcome to the home page of the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ campaign for the Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Western Isles) constituency in the Scottish Parliamentary election, 2021. We are fighting this election throughout Scotland on the basis of Put Recovery First. Neil Mitchison has a Positive Plan for Recovery, led by:

  • Confident, world-class innovative industries, including wind-power based hydrogen and a spaceport.
  • Empowering local communities to make decisions affecting their lives and their services.
  • Connectivity: physical, electronic, and electrical.
  • Stopping the exodus of the rising generation with good jobs, affordable housing, education, and crofting for the young.
  • Investment in mental health facilities: recruiting and training local staff and developing a network of mental health first aiders.

You will find on this site:

All of Neil’s posts allow you to offer comments – polite ones, please – and ask further questions.

Na éisdibh cus ris a’ chonnspaid is an trod a tha na partaidhean a’ buileachadh oirbh. Coimheadaibh air na poileasaidhean a tha na partaidhean a’ cur air adhart, agus taghaibh an riochdaire agaibh an réir sin.

In other words… There’s another way of doing politics where you don’t have to do nothing but attack each other. So stay here for some sensible policies and a positive campaign!